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I cant start the game, I hit launch, and nothing happenes

Hmm that's weird, what version and system?

I really enjoyed the demo. This is my type of game.  Will check it out when it is finished.

Great to hear! I hope you enjoy the full game :D

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Game really has potential, I really dig the art style and background music. 

Minor issues: 

- no possibility to exit the game or get back to the main menu when already inside the game 

- it is hard to get through doors positioned at the left and right of the rooms

- sometimes enemy spawns can feel too overpowered (3-4 turrets in the same room)

Here is my gameplay video of it: 

This game has great potential, it's just lacking in a lot of things right now. Still, the core game manages to be very fun- a short 10 minute shooter in the demo's current state. Look forward to the full release!

Thankyou! I hope the full release lives up to expectations :D

pretty fun little neon isaac

i think the game could use more personality right now, i like the clean art but its all a bit plain . i found the flashing when i shoot to be a bit annoying

Hey, it's a shame that some features annoyed you! There's a toggle being implimented currently for various visual effects so I'll be sure to add that to the list. The personality of the game is intended to be shown via the art style and music, is there anything you think I could do better to put that across?

hmmmm, thats pretty tough to answer.. i don't know what the personality of the game is really except retro neon / isaac copy. If theres more to it than that, then you might have to try and communicate it in a stronger way.

Have you seen the new changes? I've taken the game in a more classic Zelda direction and stripped alot of the pure Isaac features. I'd love to see how you view it now :D

Seemed nicer, better pacing :)

Great :D I worked on a new enemy system to hopefully make it steadily ramp up in difficulty and variety :D

Hey, played through the demo on my channel! :)

Hey thankyou for the interest! I've subscribed, liked and I'll watch it soon! If you want to, feel free to post it in the Steam video section for a little more exposure :D

What a beautiful game! I only tried the demo and my main concern would be that the monsters are pretty much the same. More variety is what made Binding of Isaac and Enter The Gungeon  better! 

Good luck!

Thankyou!! There's many more monsters and variations on the way :D

No controller support or am I doing something wrong?

Controller support isn't currently in the game, sorry!

Very cool game you got. I almost beat the first guy. Literally, so friggin close...

Hey, thankyou for playing my demo! I'm glad you liked it and it really means alot having people make videos about it! I enjoyed watching and I've liked subscribed etc. :D